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  1. Those who join must be a member to the website and must be aged 20 years or more.
  2. Members must maintain username and password as well and not be shared with others. The team is not responsible in case someone else has used that username.
  3. Members must know the rules all the conditions of the website. It can be read from a website after login to the system. The team members will be deemed to know the rules of the website completely.
  4. The team is not responsible for errors resulting from not understanding the rules of membership.
  5. The team reserves the right to disclose information. Members with a username that only the owner.
  6. Members must check the balance on your credit correctly and match funds deposited into. And notify the team website.
  7. If credit is missing. Must notify the team prior to playing within 24 hours and there must be proof of deposit only. If over the time. Or without a deposit slip. The team reserves the right to edit any credit in your Username. In the event of a credit balance up too much real. Team members must be informed immediately. Otherwise it will not be able to withdraw all cases.
  8. The team will rely on the information provided at the main current. Without any dispute. If you want to change information Or report a problem to any applications. About gambling, Financial failure, To unlock the username and reset password. Membership required to give complete and accurate as the team ask beauty. Otherwise the team will not take any action on request.
  9. If you change your phone number. Members can login to the system by editing and change data manually or inform the team.
  10. The team is not responsible for any problems in the case of gambling devices of all kinds from members themselves.
  11. The team is not responsible for any members who share the username. It has agreed to assume, then great. The process is in accordance with Clause 3 above.
  12. If the account does not take any 3 months will be canceled immediately by the team.
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